Masa Workshop

Corn masa is one of the essential elements in Mexican gastronomy. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of corn masa. This is a 1 hour 30 minute workshop and includes a 500g bag of blue or white masa, and 2 recipes.

Workshop Menu

Gorditas: A type of thin, round, flatbread made out of masa. You can make tacos,quesadillas, tortilla chips, enchiladas, and much more!

Sopes: Thick “bowls” made out of masa, filled with ingredients such as meats, vegetables, cheese. avocado, and salsa.


Online Workshop: 5,500 円 max participants 2. Additional 1,000 円 fee for more participants. Included is one bag of white or blue corn masa 500g. Shipping fee not included.

In person Workshop: 9,900 円 per person includes one bag of white or blue corn masa, plus other ingredients. Maximum 6 participants.

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