New Year’s Tamales

In Mexican tradition it is common to eat Tamales during the holiday season. There is many types of tamales in Mexico and each family has their own family recipe. Tamales are a corn masa based dish stuffed with a filling of choice (could be meat, cheese, veggies, etc.) wrapped with dried corn husks and then steamed. The Tamal is then unwrapped and served with a special homemade salsa.

This year Nippon Viajero is sharing a piece of Mexican Christmas with you! Below is the ordering form to order Nippon Viajero’s family special Tamales.

Tamales Menu

Green Chili Chicken and Cheese: Fillings made from slow cooked organic chicken breasts and mixed in with green chili sauce that is made from herbs and Jalapenos grown in Japan. It is mild in taste.

Red Chili Pork: Fillings made from pork shoulder slow cooked and then mixed with red chili sauce made from herbs and guajillo peppers. It is mild in taste.

Homemade Salsa Macha ( Additional 500¥ ) : Salsa macha is a traditional Mexican chili oil sauce made from nuts, spices, morita, and chile de arbol peppers. The taste is mild and the salsa can be used on top of tamales, tacos, on soups, ramen, yakiniku, salads, on top of avocado toast, and even in sandwiches. It is versatile and delicious! Adding a layer of umami you will not regret.

Order Details

The details are as follows: A batch of tamales will be sent off on December 29th, 2020. You can opt to have it sent via Yamato Cool which is a fee of 1,144¥ plus the Tamales fee. If you opt for the Yamato option I will freeze the tamales and send them frozen. OR Option 2 is we can meet at the Ueno Station on December 29th during during the day before 6pm. If we meet I will NOT freeze the tamales. The tamales will include heating instructions and directions on how to store.

Please fill out the form below. After the form is filled out a payment link will be sent. Please make the payment within 24 hours. Disclaimer note: Please understand we do not accept refunds. Making tamales is a long elaborate process that requires time and labor to source local ingredients and to prepare the dish. We pour all our love and hard work into making this possible in Japan. We hope you understand and we thank you for your cooperation.

Order form