Make authentic Mexican dishes with Naturelo!

At Nippon Viajero we are proud to use Naturelo corn masa.

Naturelo is the first sustainable conscious corn masa manufacturer in Mexico. A masa that is 100% natural whole corn, processed without preservatives or additives, and with the best flavor and aroma. Good for making corn tortillas, sopes, gorditas, tostadas, and more!

Why Naturelo?

Blue corn and Spinach Tortillas

We have collaborated with Japan Naturelo to present you blue and white corn masa. We offer packages of 500g, 1kg , Tortilla kits that include 500g Masa of choice and a small stainless steel tortilla press. All orders include our own corn tortilla recipe.

Ordering Details

Please fill out the order form below. A secure payment link will be sent after the form is filled out. Price + shipping fee (depends on location.) We do not accept returns. If you have questions on how to use the masa please send us a message through the contact page.

Masa Products

Price List

Prices below are including tax but do not include the shipping fee. After order form is filled out we will calculate the shipping fee and send the payment link. Please note that shipping fee varies per location. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Tortilla Kit 5,500円
  • White Corn Masa 500g 1,100円
  • Blue Corn Masa 500g 1,200円
  • Blue Corn Masa 1kg 1,600円
  • White Corn Masa 1kg  1,400円
Tortilla Press

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