Salsa and Guacamole

Salsa and Guacamole

In this menu, we will learn how to make basic Mexican tapas. At every party in Mexico and barbecue, you make these tapas. Usually as a dip for chips or as toppings for tacos! I will show you how to take your tapas to another level. Join me and experience a party of flavors! This is a 1hr 30min workshop and includes the recipes.


Workshop Menu

Guacamole: Traditional guacamole that is made from fresh avocado, tomatoes, and other spices and herbs.

Salsa: The salsa will vary depending on the season, because we try to as much as possible to use seasonal Japanese ingredients. Can vary from hot to mild in taste.

Pico de Gallo: Literal translation is roosters beak. There are many stories in Mexico as to why this salsa is named this way. Nonetheless this salsa is not only fresh but one of the staples when it comes to Mexican salsa. Using fresh and colorful ingredients. Mild in taste


Online workshop fee: 5,500円

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