Venezuelan Film Festival in Japan x Nippon Viajero


Established in 2018, the Venezuelan Film Festival is an initiative driven by the Venezuelan community residing in Japan, aiming to acquaint the Land of the Rising Sun with the rich Venezuelan culture captured by independent film artists. In 2022, in a collaborative effort with Nippon Viajero, the festival organized a remarkable screening in Hayama, Kanagawa capturing the hearts of attendees with a curated selection of films.

Due to its resounding success, the Hayama screening event will be making a highly anticipated comeback on July 8th, 2023.

Furthermore, the annual film festival takes place in Tokyo during the fall season, providing more opportunities for film enthusiasts to immerse themselves in Venezuelan cinema. The festival offers the convenience of online viewing, with all films translated into Japanese and English for wider accessibility.

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AM Screening Time: 11:00 – 12:30

PM Screening Time: SOLD OUT

2nd Annual Venezuelan Film Festival Screening in Hayama

Partial ticket proceeds will go to help fund the 6th annual Venezuelan Film Festival in Japan that happens during the fall in Tokyo at the Instituto de Cervantes. To learn more about the project, donate, or participate in this years festival visit the homepage at Or follow @venfilmfestjapan on Instagram.

About Free Color documentary

Free Color (2020)
Directed By Alberto Arvelo
Lenght: 80
Narrator: Edgar Ramirez
Composers: Gustavo Dudamel / Devendra Banhart / Nascuy Linares

A lively, touching portrait of famed Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez as he embarks upon what would become his final art project: to create and present the world with the experience of pure color as an element unto itself, separate from light and matter.

Sypnosis fron –