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Fall/ Winter 2022 Events & Cooking Classes

October 2022

#1 Culinary Workshop

Recommended by Time out Tokyo

This is Nippon Viajeros must try workshop. With a changing menu year long. Learn how to make a taquiza at home and where to source ingredients in Japan!

This will be the last Tacos Class of the year 2022. Join us for an truly unique menu. Birria, plus learn how to make nixtamalized heirloom pink and black corn tortillas.

Sat. October 15th, 2022

October 2022

3rd Annual Dia de Muertos Event Tokyo

Baking & Crafts Class for Adults

In Mexico, Día de Muertos is a time to celebrate family members who are no longer with us.

During this time we make Pan de Muerto an orange blossom infused sweet bread, hot chocolate or as we call it chocolate caliente, sugar skulls, ofrendas, altars, and more! In this workshop you will learn how to make traditional Pan de Muerto and Mexican hot chocolate, plus a sugar skull to decorate and take home.

Join us for a unique opportunity to celebrate Día de Muertos ( Mexican Obon) in Tokyo!

Sunday Oct. 30th , 2022

November 2022

New Masterclass

Mole can be dated back centuries and can be both a ceremonial dish and an everyday meal depending on the celebration and preparation.

In this masterclass we will tackle two mole preparations one that can be considered ceremonial and one that is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Join us in yet another unique culinary experience in Japan.

Sat. November 19th, 2022

November 2022

Homemade Holiday Tamales

The best tamales in Japan!

In Mexico there are many types of tamales. Tamales are a corn masa based dish stuffed with a filling of choice (meat, cheese, veggies, etc.) wrapped with dried corn husks and then steamed.

This year Nippon Viajero is sharing a piece of Mexican Holiday season with you!Limited orders accepted.

December 2022

Favorite Holiday Event

Learn how to make tamales!

In this workshop we will cover the techniques to make tamales. An emblematic Mexican dish with more than 500 years of history.

The class duration is 3 hours, you will make tamales from scratch. Vegan version available!

Saturday December 17, 2022


September 2022

New Nippon Viajero Member

I am Alejandra, the new Culinary Creative for Nippon Viajero.

I am from Mexico City and have been living in Tokyo for 7 years I am passionate about food and the creative process behind it.

I believe that the best history is made in the kitchen and the most memorable conversations happen at the table while sharing a meal.

I am excited to meeting and sharing all the new things we have in store for you.

Mucho gusto y よろしく!

🦋 Ale

Follow my creative writing project about gastronomy in Japan @madameichigo

Past Events



Nippon Viajero had such a nice summer filled with new adventures, yummy food, and sunny days. Thank you all who stopped by this summer and supported our endeavours. We hope you enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. As we transition out of summer we still have a lot more events to come! Are you ready?



Nippon Viajero is participating in a unique culinary experience. Modern Mexican cuisine meets Art. In this event we are collaborating with sustainable artist Melissa Finkenbeiner and bringing you an Art & Food pairing experience.

Thank you all who joined the art and food pairing event. We got to taste the local fruits and vegetables of Hayama while enjoying Melissa`s beautiful art pieces.


2nd Annual Summer Harvest Workshop

Each year Nippon Viajero strives to connect the community with a small farm / farm lifestyle. This year we are offering a unique experience to tour the beautiful Himistu Noen located in Uenohara near Takao station.

A big thank you to Brian and SUn for hosting the second annual workshop at their beautiful home! We had lots of fun harvesting, cooking, and eating.

Next Summer Harvest Workshop: July 2023

Seasonal Workshops

Available throughout the year

Seasons of Mexico Workshop

This year we launched this Seasons of Mexico Workshop to highlight dishes of Mexico only available during certain celebrations or seasons.

We will cover everything from ceremonial tortillas, pozole, chocolate pairings, and even chile en Nogada.

Grand opening on September 17th 2022. Celebrate the independence of Mexico.

Que viva México cabrones ajuaaa!!!

July 2023

Summer Harvest Workshop

Each year Nippon Viajero strives to connect the community with a small farm / farm lifestyle. This is a unique experience to visit a farm and learn about seasonal crops, planting, farm lifestyle, and how to make a delicious meal with what you have available.

Next session will be Summer 2023

*pictured is the 2nd annual workshop at the Himitsu Noen in Akiya, Uenohara

July/August 2023

Chiles & Antojitos Workshop

This year we launched the new and improved version of Chiles and Antojitos Workshop. Where you can learn all about Mexican chiles and its various preparations and where to source them in Japan.

We also cover one of Mexico’s favorite craving or appetizer known as the sope. A masa preparation shaped like a small bowl. Topped off with delicious ingredients and salsa. Could it be that this is how the taco bowl was born?

Next session will be Summer 2023

March/April 2023

Conchas & Champurrado Baking Class

The baking history of Mexico is so rich of culture and interesting facts. The evolution and journey that these old cooking techniques endured is mind blowing and it was so beautiful being able to research not only recipes and baking techniques, but also share a part of my childhood with you. Thank you all who joined the Conchas Baking Class. This will be part of our course and will be available during March and April months.