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July/August 2022 Events & Workshops


Tacos Workshop

In this edition we will dive into the world of seafood and make a fish taco popular in Ensenada near Baja California. You will also learn how to make ceviche, a popular seafood dish.

Tokyo Session ——– July 18th in Tokyo


2nd Annual Summer Harvest Workshop

Each year Nippon Viajero strives to connect the community with a small farm / farm lifestyle. This year we are offering a unique experience to tour the beautiful Himistu Noen located in Uenohara near Takao station. Brian and Sun farm owners will open the doors to their lifestyle in a small organic farm. You will better understand summer ingredients in Japan and learn all about a traditional Mexican meal.

Date: July 30th, 2022


Past Events

Nippon Viajero x Venezuela


Thank you all for joining the Venezuelan film screening at the Moshimo Cafe.

Nippon Viajero x Cinco de Mayo


Thank you so much for joining our Cinco de Mayo pop-up event! We had so much fun and hope to do more this summer.

Cinco de Mayoのポップアップイベントにご参加いただき、ありがとうございました。この夏、葉山でもっと多くのイベントを開催したいと思います。

Nippon Viajero x Latin-America


We are humbled at the opportunity that this platform has given us. To connect with you all here in Japan and share a piece of Latin – American culture is just beyond wild! We want to give a big thanks to Ximena from Xicishomecooking who worked with us so hard to bring you this experience. We hope that we can continue working with her and connect you with a piece of Ecuador!

News & Articles



Thank you so much Lady Start Up JP for joining us in Hayama and letting us talk about our culinary project in Japan.



Our culinary project has reached a new milestone! A mention on the Time Out Tokyo. Thank you so much!



Our culinary project has reached many diverse communities here in Japan. Sometimes people from our own culture find themselves at home when cooking with us.

Check out the latest article written about Nippon Viajero.

Seasonal Workshops

July/August 2023

Chiles & Antojitos Workshop

This year we launched the new and improved version of Chiles and Antojitos Workshop. Where you can learn all about Mexican chiles and its various preparations and where to source them in Japan.

We also cover one of Mexico’s favorite craving or appetizer known as the sope. A masa preparation shaped like a small bowl. Topped off with delicious ingredients and salsa. Could it be that this is how the taco bowl was born?

Next session will be Summer 2023

March/April 2023

Conchas & Champurrado Baking Class

The baking history of Mexico is so rich of culture and interesting facts. The evolution and journey that these old cooking techniques endured is mind blowing and it was so beautiful being able to research not only recipes and baking techniques, but also share a part of my childhood with you. Thank you all who joined the Conchas Baking Class. This will be part of our course and will be available during March and April months.

December / February 22′-23′

Tamales Masterclass

A class where you will learn all about the ancient tradition of tamal making. One that has been in my family for generations. In this masterclass I teach you my family recipes and how to adapt them in a small japanese kitchen.

Waiting list here.

Next session: Winter 2022-2023


What We Offer

Founded in 2017, Nippon Viajero is a culinary project that strives to connect communities through cooking.

We have worked on this project since arriving to Japan in 2017 and fully launched to the public during the pandemic. Vanessa the founder and culinary instructor launched the virtual & in-person Mexican culinary events in Tokyo during 2020. Since then she has worked with farmers, cafes, small business, and other fellow cooks in Japan to promote this project.

The workshops offered are primarily focused on traditional and modern recipes using both Mexican and Japanese ingredients. Offered in English and a mix of Spanish and Japanese.

In 2022 we aim to expand our culinary journey and offer workshops and events focused on other parts of Latin America. Our first culinary workshop was the Empanadas an introduction to Latin-American gastronomy. In May we are collaborating with The Venezuelan Independent Film Festival to bring you a unique cultural experience. We are so excited for this new journey!

Needless to say, we are passionate about cultures, community, and delicious food.