Nippon Viajero featured articles.

June 2022: Extremely humbled to have had the Lady Start Up come down to Hayama and talk about our culinary project. Thank you so much for helping us share our story! You can read it here.

May 2022: We had the honor of being recommended in a Tokyo Time Out article for the place to go if you want to learn about Tacos in Tokyo. Read here

February 2022: A journalist from the Stars and Stripes Newspaper wrote about our her experience in our culinary workshop as a Mexican- American living in Japan. You can read about it here.

October 2021: Nippon Viajero was interviewed for the October issue of the chiikijin.chikouken magazine.

Issue #74 “Regional people” or 「地域人」は、地域の活性化を担う”地域人”が主役です。 !

June 2021: Nippon Viajero was interviewed by TUDN journalists in Japan covering the 2020 Olympics. We had the honored of being broadcasted in one of Mexico’s and the US largest Latin American networks Univision. See our interview below.