Holiday Tamales

Winter 2022/2023

In Mexico there are many types of tamales. Tamales are a corn masa based dish stuffed with a filling of choice (meat, cheese, veggies, etc.) wrapped with dried corn husks and then steamed.

This year Nippon Viajero is sharing a piece of Mexican Holiday season with you!Limited orders accepted.

Shipping Details

Shipping is done via Yamato Cool the shipping fee starts from ¥900 to more more depending where you live and how much you order. The shipping will be paid by chakubarai or pay upon delivery. Tamales orders include heating instructions and directions on how to store. We ship to all of Japan. It make take 1-2 business days for package to arrive.

Please note we do not accept refunds. Making tamales is a long elaborate process that requires time and labor. We pour all our love and hard work into making this possible in Japan at a reasonable price. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please read the different shipping dates and open order time frame.

  • Pre-order from November 11th – December 14 for shipping date on December 24, 2022 and December 29, 2022. Please note that shipment on December 29th will be frozen.


  • Tamales Kit 12 piece – ¥4,400 *tax included
  • Tamales Kit 6 piece – ¥2,200 *tax included
  • Salsa Macha – ¥700 *tax included
  • Shipment fee will be charge at the time of delivery.

Please read below if you ordered tamales for December.

Please note tamales will be sent on December 24th and December 29th. If you did not request a date and did not answer our emails we will send them out on December 24-25th. Shipping is paid by you upon delivery. We do not know how much the shipping fee is as it depends on location and how many kits you order. Thank you for your understanding. Our holidays kits pre-order is closed! We only sell them during November and December. Gracias.