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Order form important update starting on February 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that thanks to your amazing support, our beloved Salsa Macha is joining the Nippon Viajero family permanently!

To ensure we can continue sharing this fiery delight, we’ll be making some changes to our pre-order process, effective February 2024.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Salsa Macha is Permanent! No more waiting for pre-orders – enjoy our fiery friend anytime.
  • Minimum Order of 10 Jars: This allows us to streamline operations and continue offering the highest quality ingredients.
  • Bigger & Bolder Jars (110ml): Get more flavorful goodness in each jar, packed with even more chiles!️
  • New Pricing:
    • Single Jar: 1,000 yen
    • 15+ Jars: 900 yen per jar (discounted!)

Dive into a world of flavor explosions with our Nippon Viajero Salsa Macha, handcrafted in small batches for uncompromised taste. Each jar bursts with the fiery goodness of dried Morita and Arbol Mexican chiles, balanced by the smooth touch of high-quality Japanese rice oil.

But here’s the secret ingredient: We don’t skimp on quality. We use premium sesame seeds and japanese sea salt, resulting in a salsa macha that sings on your tongue with every bite.

Don’t let the heat intimidate you! This versatile condiment is your passport to flavor adventures.

Drizzle it on Japanese classics, Mexican favorites, or even elevate your everyday sandwiches and soups. With a long shelf life of up to 6 months, a jar of Nippon Viajero Salsa Macha is your key to unlocking endless culinary possibilities.

When will you receive your order?

Nippon Viajero Salsa Macha is made-to-order. Expect your fiery fix within 10-15 business days after placing your order.

Once your Salsa Macha is crafted with love and packed with passion, Yamato Transport will zoom it directly to your doorstep. You’ll receive an email notification the moment it embarks on its flavor journey. Please note that shipping is not included in the price and must be paid by you upon delivery.

We appreciate your understanding!

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