Dia de Muertos with Nippon Viajero

When I was 14 I discovered the vibrant traditions of Día de Muertos, and it transformed my life!

My family being from northern Mexico, (Saludos a mis compas de Chihuahua ) didn’t follow the colorful customs of pan de muerto and ofrendas.

Instead, they observed the day quietly, visiting the cemetery and returning home for an even quieter evening, simple ranch living. #iykyk

At 14, I won a scholarship to experience Día de Muertos in Oaxaca’s famous zócalo for 10 days!!
(Gracias Cara dep 🦋. She is no longer with us but her love for her students and the seeds she planted have been blooming for decades. )

This further triggered my curiosity about my Mexican heritage, I was mind blown with Oaxacas vibrant colors and the Día de Muertos traditions. Never could have I ever imagined my Mexico offered such beautiful celebrations. I learned about mole, pan de muerto, ofrendas, had champurrado at the cemetery, helped put the ofrendas up, and even met Jack Black walking around the zócalo, who was filming Nacho Libre at the time.

When I started this project I 100% knew I wanted to create an experience to share this rich cultural experience with you in Japan.

This year we celebrated our 4th annual Dia de Muertos event in Hayama. Below you can see this years and past years events!

Nippon Viajero
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