Tacos Workshop January 2022

The Tacos Workshop was a a total success. I think I always say that but I truly feel so happy every time I have a cooking event. We had a diverse group of participants join this round. It was fascinating seeing everyone interact with each other. I think it is beautiful to have this platform and space that allows the community to gather, enjoy, learn, and eat!

We talked about similarities in our own cuisines and compared things that we loved making or that we loved our mothers and grandmothers making for us. It is an uncertain time and we had a few cancellations. But I think the smaller group felt cozier.

This was our first time launching a new menu in the Tacos Workshop series. I wanted to add new tools to the structure.

This time we made salsa tatemada (roasted salsa) besides the tortillas that was one of the highlights. Participants roasted the chiles, herbs, and spices, and used a molcajete (mortar and pestle) made from volcanic rock in Guanajuato, Mexico.

It came out so delicious and elevated the tacos!

Excited to see this menu evolve this year and how other participants interact with it.

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